John Cutler originally conceived of Last Call in 1996 when he was unable to find a suitable interactive bartending training aid. His concept was simple: teach people how to mix drinks in a hilarious virtual bar environment. Finding a publisher was the hard part. After months of pitching the project to game publishers, liquor companies, and private investors, Cutler sent a demo version to Jeff Siegel of Simon & Schuster Interactive. Jeff helped mold the product into something more reasonable, and the deal was born.

A strong development team was assembled – including Bruce Epstein, noted Director programmer, and comedian/writer brother-sister team Adam and Susie Felber. Euralis Weeks (Art Director, Character Animation), Manny Escoto (2D Artist), and Erik Borzi(3D Artist) gave the game its distinct look and feel. At the core of the team, Joel Hamburger and Cutler produced and managed the project. Originally, the game was slated for a Christmas 1999 release. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it) the game assumed a life of its own, and was improved substanially – finally going gold in February 2000.

Currently, the company is building LastCallGame.com. Our goal is to support the community of Last Call fans, and to provide compelling new content on an ongoing basis. Please email us with suggestions and comments – your input is invaluable. (feedback@cutlercreative.com)