What to Buy With Free Steam Wallet Codes?

What to Buy With Free Steam Wallet Codes?


Let us be honest, the game industry is a serious business and among them Steam is a platform that counts millions downloads every month. Let us explore the best-selling titles on Steam, the top sellers that you can get via steam wallet code generator, the games that were instant hitsin previous year with prediction about future top sellers on the platform.

Top Game Sellers on Steam


Number 5 – Cities: Skylines

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An outstanding manager simulation game Cities: Skylines is on the fifth place of best-selling games on steam, this modern Sim-like game is remodeled classical city simulation. It is trying to deliver realistic scenarios to the demanding players, proclaiming challenging levels and real-time puzzles. The game is developed by the same team that delivered Cities in Motion, excellent, but in some sense underestimated simulation game.

Number 4 – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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The Counter Strike seems to be an epic game, launched almost 15 years ago, with highest ranking on many game review sites. The newest release named Global Offensive is not quite new, it was released almost 5 years ago, but it is still on the top of the list. It brings a lightning and shade improvements, combined with new maps and downloadable content.

Number 3 – Hearts of Iron IV

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You will probably be surprised that the strategic simulation game Hearts of Iron IV is among the best sellers on the Steam. It seems that old-fashioned gameplay style still has significant number of fans that doesn’t mind to spend a dime on such a game. It will be even more supplies if you look at the prize that comes in three different editions, Cadet Edition for €39.99, Colonel Edition for €49.99 and Field Marshal Edition for astonishing €89.99. It seems that while games still can earn trust even with extremely high price. One reason more to get free steam wallet codes and start your online adventure absolutely free!

Number 2 – Total War: Warhammer

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Another strategic game with a long history and huge base of devoted fans is among bestsellers on the Steam, Total War offers extraordinary battle simulation in the fantasy settings. If you love turn based strategy games in intensive battles full of raging orcs and grumpy dwarfs, Total War will fulfill every role-play ambition that you may have.

Number 1  – GTA 5

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Grand Theft Auto V is the bestselling game on the Steam! The world of Los Santos is still a real magnet for many fans of the franchise that are finding superb atmosphere and online experience in one of the most popular games nowadays. Despite the high price of 57,46€ for Grand Theft Auto V and Megalodon Shark Cash Card, the game is selling like crazy on the Steam, while online community is filled with numerous modes and items. If you want to play GTA V, but your budget is limited, why don’t you try Steam Wallet Codes, easy and efficient way of getting any game on the Steam? Fill your pockets with codes and let the fun begin!